The 30 second quiz that will tell you if it’s time to change your PR job

‘Tis the season for gloomy introspection! Fa-la-la-la-la should you change your job?  Well, we talk to people who are pondering this question all year round and there are ten key questions you should ask yourself to measure your misery or contentment.  (Although if you’re even taking this quiz then perhaps that tells you something…)

1. When you see your salary slide into your bank account, do you think:

A: Woohoo! *warm glowing feeling*
B: Hmmm
C: It’s either eating or heating

2. Are the people you work with..

A: Such a talented group of people, they inspire me every day and we hang out outside work too
B: Some of them are nice sometimes and I have one ‘proper’ friend
C: Oh. My. God. They are like an alien race.

 3. Is your company’s culture…

A: A good fit – it’s a grown up place to work, I feel valued and get great training to help develop my skills
B: It’s a nice enough place to work but I sometimes feel like a cog in a wheel
C: Yogurts have more evolved cultures. And they don’t shout at me.

4. Studies show that commutes of between 60 and 90 minutes have a detrimental effect on wellbeing.  Is your journey to work:

A: 30 minutes or less
B: 30 to 60 minutes
C: Over an hour

5. Do you ever tell your friends and family what you’re working on?

A: Yes! I’m so proud of what we’re producing I definitely over share!
B: Only if it’s really cool – which it is sometimes
C: God no, I tell people I’m an estate agent

 6. Thinking about the brands and campaigns you work on…

A: It’s a stimulating and challenging mix of interesting clients – I learn something new every day
B: Sometimes I get stuck with the nightmare accounts but usually that is balanced with some good ones.
C: I’d rather not, if that’s okay with you. I seem to be the go to person for the vile clients and impossible deliverables.

7. Clocking up the hours? Which statement best describes your work life balance?

A: I work hard, sometimes long hours but I rarely have to compromise my personal or family life
B: There have been a few missed dinners and appointments but that’s the deal
C: My friends and family hate my job more than I do because I have to cancel on them so often.

8. Beyond the cash – thinking about your benefits…

A: I get private healthcare, dental, free phone, good pension, a day off on my birthday, unlimited holiday, fresh fruit, free coffee and have gift vouchers coming out of my ears.  Boom!
B: It’s a pretty standard benefits package with little flexibility
C: Benefits?  Isn’t that what you get when you don’t have a job?

 9. Can you see a clear path of career progression?

A: I know exactly what I need to do to reach the next level and my company supports my development to help me get there
B: I’ve been stuck on the same level for a while but I live in hope that I’ll get promoted soon
C: There’s no logic to the promotions, it’s just who is best at sucking up and spending unholy amounts of time in the office

 10. When does the Sunday night nausea kick in?

A: Never! I bounce out of bed on a Monday and RUN to work!
B: Sunset on Sunday, the dying hours of the weekend
C: Every morning when I wake up, except Saturday.  What doesn’t kill you…


Mostly As: Stay right where you are and let us know where you work – it sounds proper fabulous.

Mostly Bs: Your lot could be improved. Have you tried talking things through with your boss? Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, put on your big girl (or boy) pants and put yourself out there a bit more – ask how to get to the next level, what training you can do, whether you can get involved with that sexy new client.  Ask and you might just receive. If you’ve done that and it still feels like you’re hitting a brick wall, we can help.

Mostly Cs:  Wow. Life’s too short.  There is a better way. Come and see us.  That’s an order.